The Business of Baking Workshop by Chef Priyasha


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2nd April 2023

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3:30 PM - 6:00 PM

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Online Workshop (Zoom)

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If you’ve always wanted to start your own bakery business, but are overwhelmed by the very idea of it and the number of things you will have to manage, then this workshop is for you.

Here’s what you will learn:

Getting started:

  • Legal obligations and licenses
  • Naming your venture and basic branding requirements
  • Establishing an online presence
  • Understanding your audience

Setting up your kitchen:

  • Calculating a budget
  • Figuring out staff requirements
  • Controlling costs and managing processes
  • Basic equipment and recommended brands

Designing your menu:

  • Guide to sourcing raw materials
  • Optimising raw material and reducing wastage
  • Pricing products
  • Upgrades and additions

Packaging and delivery:

  • Picking the right packaging
  • Choosing your delivery fleet

Marketing and branding:

  • Carving a niche for your brand
  • Using social media to market your brand
  • Promotion via influencers
  • Competitor analysis

Growing your home bakery business:

  • Reinvesting profits for growth
  • Setting goals and making a business plan
  • Diversification
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Chef Priyasha is a plant based chef, hormone health coach and the founder of The Cinnamon Kitchen, India’s first PCOS friendly bakery. She started her bakery as a small home kitchen at the end of 2019 and managed to scale it to a commercial facility that employs more than 25 people and deliveries all over the country with more than 10,000 customers. She has taught over 2000 students over a two year period and her work has been features in magazines like Vogue, Elle, Femina, Tripoto to name a few.

Priyasha Saluja


The Cinnamon Kitchen


Access Our Workshop recordings that’ll help you enhance your plant-based baking skills.

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