Workshops at The Cinnamon Kitchen

At The Cinnamon Kitchen, we conduct workshops as an extension to our bakery kitchen and it’s philosophy. We wish to enable chefs, home cookies and healthy eating enthusiasts to be able to understand baking plant based ingredients, millets and nuts better and to empower them to create recipes that are healthy and delicious at the same time.

Popular Workshops

What We Offer

Live coaching with Chef Priyasha

All workshops are conducted by Chef Priyasha, who is a hormone health coach and the founder of The Cinnamon Kitchen. We only take a limited number of students per workshop.

Lifetime access to video recordings and recipe pdf

Once you enrol for any of our workshops, you get lifetime access to the recorded version of the workshop and recipe pdf with recipes in gms and cups.

Lifetime Email Support

Have a doubt? Reach out to us directly on and we respond within 24-48 hours, answering all your queries in detail.

Sourcing Guide

It can be tricky to source the right kind of ingredients. All our workshops come with a sourcing guide that tell you the best brands you can source ingredients from to ensure quality and sustainability

Pre- Recorded Workshops

Missed a workshop? You can always purchase the pre-recorded versions of our previously conducted workshops and get lifetime access to the recordings and recipe pdfs

Founder’s Note


I am Priyasha Saluja. I was diagnosed with PCOS as a young teenager. At the time, there was limited knowledge and conversation around PCOS and it’s symptoms. I grew up facing a lot of challenges and shame around my symptoms and health condition. Even the best of super markets only had food that claimed to be healthy but was actually laden with sugar, artificial flavours, preservatives and so on.

Later on, when I moved from Delhi to Bombay and had access to a kitchen space, I ended up doing countless experiments on my own to make food healthy and delicious at the same time. I documented my journey of healthy eating through an Instagram page that gained a lot of attention and following. The idea was to post recipes and encourage people to heal their body through the power of nutritious eating, just like I had. 

I soon realised that people wanted to eat healthy but lacked the time, resources and inclination to prepare snacks for themselves. This insight lead me to start The Cinnamon Kitchen. I welcome you to experience a new age of healthy, vegan, gluten free, refined sugar and preservative free snacks on your own, through my kitchen.

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